• 46 Years of age
  • Sydney
  • New South Wales

I’m Craig Mack and I’m an Ambassador for suicide prevention charity R U OK?

Long before the apocalypse and lockdowns I was consciously aware of the power and value of feeling connection, belonging, identity and purpose – or rather their absence, as the song goes you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

One thing I’ve learned from a lifetime riding the rollercoaster of depression, is that these are the magic that makes life worth living.

I’m here with Mr Gay Pride Australia because we don’t always feel them, and that’s ok, but while rollercoasters go up, down, twist, turn, flip and change – a lot of us don’t understand the ride, or what to do with those of us on it.

This is a great platform to share stories and experience to help break down the mystery, stigma and fears of mental health, and help strengthen those feelings of connection, belonging, identity and purpose with the simple reminder that we all need and deserve them, and all of us are vers enough to both give and receive them.